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Moves objects between object space and paper space.

The CHSPACE command moves objects between object space and paper space.

Stores the default polyline width.
PLINEWID = 1 allows you to configure the default width of a polyline when it is created (0 to deactivate this option).

The PLINEWID command – saves the default polyline width…

Automatically create a frame around a text.

The command TCIRCLE – Automatically creates a frame around a text.

The keyboard shortcut Ctrl + R allows you to move from one window to another without clicking in them. Press CTRL + R repeatedly

Objects are highlighted when the cursor is over them
SELECTIONPREVIEW = 0 the mouse pointer no longer slows down when hovering over the hatch.

Make the edges of images transparent
FRAME = 0 the edges of the image are transparent
FRAME = 2 the edges of the image are visible but transparent when printed.

Variable that defines the display size of the opening.

MIRRTEXT = 0 Text is insensitive to symmetry.

(in French CADREIMAGE) with a value = 0 the images are no longer selectable. to change, set the value = 1 or = 2.

FILEDIA = 0 the dialog boxes no longer appear .. (you must type the text in the command line). FILEDIA = 1 visible dialog boxes.

Allows you to freeze the height of the default texts.

Used to define the maximum number of active windows simultaneously in a presentation (maximum value: 64).